Thai Kick Pads

Art No : AI-TKP-0003

Target Boxing Punching Mitts Focus Muay Thai Punch Shield Kicking

Incredible high-tech Thai pads crafted with the Platinum Advantage for professional striking and kicking training.

All new design with anatomically contoured and curved striking surface that allows trainers a more comfortable 

grip and athletes more striking and kicking options. Incorporated with more than 4” of innovative multi-layered 

high and low impact inner foams crafted to take a pounding, yet less shock to the trainer. The high-tech design 

has two adjustable hook-and-loop rear straps to keep pads snug and secure during wear, as well as a triple 

reinforced and riveted grab bar. A full length sponge foam forearm pad supplies maximum training comfort. 

Crafted from select hides of full grain leather for an unbeatable experience for the serious athlete and trainer. 

The Platinum Proclaim series will take your training to the highest level of success and satisfaction.

Size: Pcs

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